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Fish Store Philippines is dedicated to providing sustainably raised aquatic life, including fish that are either aqua cultured (raised in captivity) or responsibly harvested (harvested from an environment where they naturally live).

Fish Store Philippines is where you go for everything aquatic. Find the best quality fish and aquarium supplies for sale at one convenient online store. Fish Store Philippines offers aquarium hobbyists the best shopping experience possible, with a vast selection of freshwater and marine fish, corals, reef rock, invertebrates, live plants, AND quality aquarium supplies. . . all at AMAZING prices!

Shop Fish Store Philippines for the largest selections of captive-bred and aqua cultured aquatic life in the industry. We seek out the best fish, corals, and invertebrates from the most responsible suppliers, aquaculture facilities, breeders, and hatcheries in the United States, Asia, and Europe to provide aquarium hobbyists an alternative to wild-harvested fish whenever possible.

Fish Store Philippines is your local supplier of Freshwater Shrimps such as NeoCaridina and Caridina in the aquatic market. 

At Fish Store Philippines, we provide extensive information on every fish species available to make the process of research and purchase of aquarium inhabitants informative and convenient for our visitors. Each product page provides a detailed description, which includes useful information to help you select an appropriate aquarium for your needs.

We take extraordinary measures to provide you with the attention and care you require to ensure every step of the aquarium journey is a successful one.

We offer great value for money and quality products. We value our customers and provide excellent customer service. We also give discounts and promotions to loyal customers.

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